WELCOME to the Website of Bahrain Steel BSCC E.C.

Bahrain Steel BSCC E.C is located in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Arabian Gulf and produces high quality Direct Reduction grade Iron Oxide Pellets with an annual capacity of 11.0 million tons.

The company is solely owned by the following share holders:

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The shareholders regard Bahrain Steel BSCC E.C as integral to its strategic objective of developing a “steel” value chain in the GCC region.

Bahrain Steel BSCC E.C operates two Allis-Chalmers (Grate-Kiln) pelletizing plants with an annual production capacity of 11.0 million tons of pellets for use in Direct Reduction (DR) plants.

Bahrain Steel BSCC E.C, due to its concept of importing iron ore as raw material and exporting pellets as finished product, is unique in the world and can be considered to be the only “Merchant” plant as it is neither a part of an iron ore mining company nor a steel production industry.

The plant is designed to produce “tailor made” pellets to meet the requirements of both Midrex and HyL DR plants.

The pellet sales are mainly to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, India, Indonesia and Malaysia. GIIC, in the past, sold some shipments of BF grade pellets to China as well as Japan.

Bahrain Steel BSCC E.C is certified for both ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.





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